Kate Gillespie

is an indie/folk singer-songwriter from Toronto, Ontario. During her adolescent years, Kate attended an arts school located in downtown Toronto. This passion for all things creative led Kate to devote her time to songwriting, collaborating, and performing with other Toronto natives. When she was thirteen years old, her Dad took her on a trip to Nashville, based on their shared love for country music. In August of 2014, Kate moved to Nashville to pursue her musical career. A few years later, in September of 2017, she released her debut EP, titled “Pink and Gold,”. The album gained quick success on Spotify, with over 700,000 streams on the title track and 1 million streams on the EP overall. Kate's music is every bit of hope and heartbreak that her soul has lived and breathed. Her transparent and vulnerable writing complements her poetic storytelling, finger picking, and witty persona to create something truly special. Kates music has the power to lift people up and heal them, just as it has always done for her.